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Alcontra is specialized in project development and architectural finishing; through its flexibility in trading and contracting, Alcontra serves the residential, commercial, hospitality and recreational market sectors.

By partnering with renowned manufacturers across the globe, Alcontra optimizes its clients’ goals by completing their projects within the given time frame and within budget, ensuring solid foundations of long term relations.

Its professional engineering base has a diverse range of disciplines which are integrated to provide the client with creative, fully efficient and economical solutions in the following fields:


Interior & Architectural Finishes

Alcontra expertise in similar types of works, evolved from the traditional procurement route speed of execution to fast track execution in major retail projects.  Through intense coordination with other trades, proactive design proposals, fast commercial decision making, and optimized planning, Alcontra executes the projects efficiently and within the clients’ means.
In interior and architectural finishes contracts, the client appoints Alcontra as a Nominated Supplier/Subcontractor to the Main Contractor.


Furnishing, Fixtures & Equipment

With Alcontra’s diverse database of furniture and equipment suppliers world-wide, Alcontra has a wide variety of products designed to meet its clients’ needs and budgets.


Design & Build

The Design & Build approach best suits clients who wish to achieve a high quality result but are not able to allocate the time to be a full member of the project team design and concepts. In Design & Build contracts, Alcontra involves in the early design and conceptualization stages, optimizing and implementing the client’s requirements; from supply to procurement and construction, until satisfactory completion and commissioning of the project. Having one single source for design and construction activities, Alcontra would be able to achieve value engineering schemes, as pre-agreed with the Client.


Project Management

Alcontra possesses the technical, engineering, construction and commercial experience to provide its clients with time-efficient, cost-effective, risk-mitigating, practical, and value-adding solutions. Alcontra assures a smooth coordination with the client and the manufacturers with regard to programming and analyzing of concepts and designs, thus, optimizing the construction process.


Preconstruction – Conceptual Phase

At a Conceptual Phase, Alcontra understands that the client has to meet a certain project cost, program, design and procurement. To help its clients in decision making, the array of its pre-construction services includes:

  • Financial Appraisal and Initial Budget Estimate
  • Overall Project Program
  • Constructability Review
  • Employer’s Requirements Built-up
  • Optimum Method of Project Procurement
  • Financial study of alternative design and construction approaches
  • Advice on pre-purchase of plant and equipment for the project
  • Chair Risk Management Workshops


Construction Phase

Alcontra provides seamless integration of services for all parties involved in the process. Its project management experience spans over all phases of project development and progress:

  • Appropriate pricing of the project
  • Full program management
  • Appropriate steering of project Controls
  • Tender and contractual arrangements
  • Full contract preparation
  • Financial budgeting
  • Overall project program
  • Managing construction
  • Procurement
  • Timely cost implication reporting – guaranteed maximum price option available


Range of Projects

Alcontra provides a specific or comprehensive service that is custom-tailored to comply with the needs and specifications of a certain project. Alcontra is in demand in the wide range of projects such as the following:

Roads and Infrastracture
Convention Centers
Commercial Buildings
Entertainment Centers