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Environmental Awareness Initiative


Alcontra Trading & Contracting is fully aware of the impact its activities have on the environment, and is also conscious of this environment’s fragility and sensitivity to human intervention, particularly large-scale engineering projects. As a result, all of Alcontra’s divisions abide by and are subject to strict and stringent environmental impact audits that:

  • Quantify the impact of activities on the environment
  • Review such activities to minimize and mitigate their impact
  • Provide long-term development solutions that address activities with a net negative balance to the environment
  • Provide control systems to constantly evaluate activities in the future

The Environmental Awareness Initiative extends to our choice of products across divisions; our manufacturers constantly aim for source energy saving and consumption reducing products that meet international quality and green-initiative standards.

Additionally, Alcontra strives to apply this initiative in its organizational activities through paper waste reduction and recycling and a selection of energy saving business processes.

We are constantly evaluating our carbon footprint as an organization – both by keeping a close critical eye on our commercial activities and on our activities as a company – and consistently attempt to maintain and extend our initiative to other areas of business where possible, without sacrificing the quality or services we provide our clients.