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1Alcontra Trading & Contracting continuously aims for innovation, technology-advanced, and cost-effective supply of lighting poles and high masts.  It is associated with globally acclaimed manufacturers such as Valmont , Galva Coat UAE, and Mitas Poles -Turkey, Petit-Jean France, to name a few.  They are known for top of the class structurally engineered poles qualified as per Kahramaa and Ashghals requirements and specifications.


Alcontra not only aspires for rigidity, longevity, and functionality in the production of materials. The company carefully studies and considers the safety and impact it will bring to the environment.  After all, street lighting poles are built to ensure and improve the protection and welfare of the pedestrians on the road infrastructures.

Our Manufacturers


Ningbo Liaoyuan Lighting Co., Ltd. China
Valmont France
Sapa UK
Galvacoat UAE